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What’s the best way to sit?

When we’re sitting for long periods at a desk, there are a few things we should keep in mind.

Changing positions during the day

When you must sit, choose a chair that encourages upright posture. A good chair can make all the difference in your mood and your back.

Travel Posture

Creating smart posture environments isn’t limited to just home and work.

Find Opportunities to Move

Stand up and move around frequently to dramatically reduce the health risks of sitting. Taking a 1 minute posture break every hour can reall

Motor Control Exercise

Posture is about balance, and that means a lot more than just alignment or standing up straight.

Check Your Mattress

Everyone knows sleep is important, but until recently no one knew exactly why.

Step Up Your Stroll

Mindful posture, standing your tallest, is important because it’s the beginning of moving tall.

Posture Break – Breathe Deeply

Nowadays many people sit an average of 13 hours a day. Sitting folded in front of a computer or desk reduces your body awareness.

Check Your Work Life Habits

A recent study showed that when people sitting at work know their posture is being monitored with a camera, they sit straighter during their

Posture Break – One Leg Balance

If you don’t balance, you fall down! Our bodies would fall forward without muscles pulling us back.

Posture Break – Time to Align

If you can’t lean comfortably against a wall with each zone touching the wall, then something is out of line.

Posture Break – Time to Stretch

When people spend most of their lives sitting, over time their physical bent over posture starts to feel normal. Better posture means better

How to Walk Taller and Stronger

Having good posture is more than that moment in time captured when having a picture taken, it’s about how your body is moving throughout lif

Check Your Posture Foundation

Posture is how you balance your body, which starts with your feet, the foundation of your posture.

Change Your Tech Habits

Tech, texting and computing have made posture the new major public health issue.  Prevent neck pain, backaches, and other postural bio-mecha

Check Your Sitting Posture

Phones, computers and other tech life habits are making many of us hunch over and look older far before our time.

Check Your Standing Posture

As we get older, gravity and the muscle weaknesses of weak postures can make you feel, and look, old. Awareness is the first step to making

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