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  • Steven Weiniger

Change Your Tech Habits

Digital habits

Tech, texting and computing have made posture the new major public health issue. Prevent neck pain, backaches, and other postural bio-mechanical problems by using tech intelligently.

Text & Talk with Strong Posture

  • Look up by lifting your phone UP to eye level

  • Keep your shoulders DOWN

Look Up! Don’t Crane and Strain

Craning your neck to look down trains your shoulders to hunch up and your head to jut forward creating forward head posture.

  • Hold your phone in your hand, and change hands sometimes

  • Don’t hold your phone between your ear and shoulder

Holding a phone by squeezing it between your ear and shoulder twists your neck and trains a high shoulder. Which is why it’s less comfortable to do this on the other side. Be aware of your postural habits when using a mobile device – and while you have that phone out take a candid posture picture of a friend or loved one using their phone. Show them what they look like – because awareness is the first step towards making an improvement!

Article from Posture Month

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