Resolutions Done Right

Here are some big do's and don'ts that can make or break your goals this year.

10 Minutes to a Better Brain

In a study in Scientific Reports, researchers discovered that 10 minutes of jogging improved mood & reduced the Stroop interference effect.

The Perils of Chronic Neck Pain

New research suggests chronic neck pain, coupled with neck fatigue, can negatively impact posture and balance.

Prevent Cancer in 5 Hours

A new study suggests more than 45,000 cancers a year could be prevented by meeting the five-hour recommendation every week.

Coffee Reduces Arrhythmia Risk?

According to research in JAMA Internal Medicine, drinking coffee appears to reduce arrhythmia risk, particularly the risk of tachycardia.

Listening: Key to Brain Health

Study findings in JAMA Network Open revealed that having people around you who will listen was associated with greater cognitive resilience.

Counter the Couch Potato

According to recent research a single minute of moderate to vigorous exercise offsets 14 minutes of sedentary behavior.

Eat the Pain Away

The typical Western diet can lead to inflammatory & neuropathic pain, while a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce or reverse pain.

Tell Your Cells to Burn Fat

According to new research, exercise actually motivates your cells to activate their fat-burning capabilities.

Relieve Stress, Relieve Allergies?

If you suffer from allergies, your inability to manage or reduce stress can only make your allergy symptoms worse.