Counter the Couch Potato

According to recent research a single minute of moderate to vigorous exercise offsets 14 minutes of sedentary behavior.

Eat the Pain Away

The typical Western diet can lead to inflammatory & neuropathic pain, while a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce or reverse pain.

Tell Your Cells to Burn Fat

According to new research, exercise actually motivates your cells to activate their fat-burning capabilities.

Relieve Stress, Relieve Allergies?

If you suffer from allergies, your inability to manage or reduce stress can only make your allergy symptoms worse.

Brain Health Starts Early

New research findings suggest brain health may begin early in life with a simple activity: consistent exercise.

Remember More: Take Breaks!

Expanding time intervals between individual learning events can help retain more information for a longer time.

Fish Oil for Migraines

New research published suggests a diet high in fish oil (instead of vegetable oil) may be the key for migraine sufferers.

Why You're Hurting

Your pillow can do more damage than good if it's not the right pillow for your anatomy and sleeping position.

The Sad State of Screen Time

A study has shown that every extra hour spent using social media or television, adolescents are more likely to express depressive symptoms.

Don't Reach the 14-Day Mark

Any rest and relaxation should still include some activity or you could suffer health consequences in as few as 14 days.

Even When You're Young...

Research suggests childhood weight can set the stage for health problems for a lifetime.

Chiropractic: 42 Times Safer

A study compared the safety of seniors using manipulative therapy with those using opioid analgesic therapy for chronic low back pain.

Feel Young, Live Longer?

Feeling younger also may translate into better overall health, a better attitude, lower use of health care services and more.

Safer With Chiropractic

A study compared two groups of elderly patients' experiences with chiropractic and medical care, arriving at an interesting conclusion.

All Activity Isn't Healthy

Activity at work was shown to not sufficiently increase heart rate to improve fitness.

Young People Love Chiropractic

Younger people (ages 10-24) who are experiencing spine pain improve with chiropractic care, suggests research.

Build a Bigger Brain

Seniors who participate in the most leisure-time physical activity appear to enjoy increased brain volume.