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  • Steven Weiniger

Find Opportunities to Move

Stand more at work

Work is what most people do, most of the time. And, most people sit at work. Sitting slumped over a computer won’t give you a hunchback in a day, but over time the body molds and folds, restricting breathing and circulation to impact health nearly as much as smoking.

Stand up and move around frequently to dramatically reduce the health risks of sitting. Taking a 1 minute posture break every hour can really help.

Creating a stronger posture is about choosing new habits. Simple actions really do add up to reduce cumulative postural stress and pain, as well as boosting energy, attitude and productivity. The first step is being aware, the next is taking control.

Any excuse to move

Instead of sitting all day at work – GET UP AND MOVE!

  • Take a walk about when you’re on the phone to get your body moving and blood circulating.

  • Get a wireless headset to use for longer calls so you can walk while you talk with your hands free.

  • Plan a lunchtime stroll with a colleague to discuss a project.

  • Will it take as much time to compose the email as it would to walk to a coworkers office to communicate?

Brisk walks clear the cobwebs and provides a mental and physical boost. When walking, keep yourself aligned to train good posture habits and maximize the effectiveness of other ergonomic and exercise programs.

Article from Posture Month

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