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  • Steven Weiniger

Check Your Standing Posture

Stand Tall

How’s your posture? As we get older, gravity and the muscle weaknesses of weak postures can make you feel, and look, old. The best way to get posture aware is with your mobile phone camera. Stand tall for your picture, and take front and side views. No one’s perfect, but especially if you are more than a bit off in multiple areas, the sooner you start to ACE Your Posture, the sooner you’ll be standing taller. Check your front view picture and ask:

  • Is your head centered over your feet?

  • Are your shoulders level?

  • Are your arms evenly spaced from your body?

  • Do both thumbs face forward?

  • Can you draw a straight line from the center of your feet to your nose?

Check your side view picture and ask: Can you draw a line straight up through the feet to the:

  • Ear

  • Shoulder

  • Hips

Slouchy sitting and bad tech habits are a common cause of back and neck pain, as well as headaches, and drains your energy. Once you’ve taken the first step to better posture. Look up and adopt new posture habits. Strengthen your posture with motion control postural exercise, and maintain it by designing a posture-smart environment at home, school, work and when you exercise.

Article from Posture Month

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