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  • Steven Weiniger

How to Walk Taller and Stronger

Stand tall

Focus on Symmetry

Having good posture is more than that moment in time captured when having a picture taken, it’s about how your body is moving throughout life.

All body motion – from walking and running, to working and playing – begins with your internal perception of “standing tall” which makes focusing on posture awareness a first step towards real change and improvement.

Training proper alignment with posture-in-motion can begin with something as simple as walking.

Walking Check in a Few Steps

While you walk consider this…

  • When pushing off with your toe to propel forward, does it feel the same on each sides?

  • When planting your foot in front of you, are both heels striking the same way? And, at the same point?

  • Are the length of your steps the same on both sides? Is one longer than the other?

  • Do your arms swing evenly at your sides?

  • Are you leaning forward?

  • Is your head winning the race or aligned with your body?

Strengthen Your Stride

Try this awareness exercise during your next walk. While you stroll be aware…

  • Hold your head high, like a balloon is gently lifting from the crown

  • Roll your shoulders up, back and drop them down in a relaxed state

  • Arms to your sides, thumbs should point forward

  • Ready! Take a mindful stroll and reevaluate your gait pattern from the earlier walking check.

Always wear good shoes – they are your posture foundation. Check shoes for wear now and then.

The way to strengthen posture and walk strong begins with focusing attention on a single point at a time, then adding another element later. Incorporate this easy posture tip into daily life starting today!

Article from Posture Month

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