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  • Steven Weiniger

Posture Break – Time to Align

Wall lean

You may think your head is aligned over your torso and pelvis in good posture, but if you can’t lean comfortably against a wall with each zone touching the wall, then something is out of line.

Align each posture zone with a Wall Lean

  • Stand one foot away from a wall (back to wall)

  • Lean back so your buttocks and shoulders touch the wall

  • Keep your head level – that’s a MUST!

  • Don’t look up! It’s okay if your head doesn’t reach the wall.

The point of the exercise is to align your upper body and hips, and then to pull your head back into alignment as best as you can, while keeping your head level and eyes straight ahead.

  • Take 5 slow breaths and TRY to press your head back towards the wall each time you exhale.

Ready to advance?

  • Move feet a bit closer to wall and repeat.

Take a posture break during your work day.

Article from Posture Month

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