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  • Steven Weiniger

Check Your Sitting Posture

Best way to sit at work

Our parents said “sit up straight.” But today phones, computers and other tech life habits are making many of us hunch over and look older far before our time. Smart posture habits can make a surprisingly big difference in mind and body. Improving your body alignment can energize you, as well as improve alertness and self-esteem. Step 1: For those with courage, ask a friend to help you really take a look at your posture when you’re sitting engrossed at your computer. Have your buddy sneak three candid pictures of you during the day when you’re working. Step 2: Time for the slouchy truth. At the end of the day look at the pictures.

  • Is your head in line with your hips, or is it jutting forward like a turtle?

  • Are your shoulders relaxed, or hunched up and rolled forward?

Step 3: Hatch a plan to create a new habit of sitting tall. Put a post-it note on top of your monitor that says Sit Tall! You can ACE your posture by keeping your head, torso and hips aligned, spine lengthened. Take time for daily posture breaks. Enlist your friend to take another sitting posture picture next month. We’re betting you’ll see a difference!

Article from Posture Month

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