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  • Steven Weiniger

Check Your Posture Foundation


Stand Tall in Good Shoes

Posture is how you balance your body, which starts with your feet, the foundation of your posture. Time for a little bit of sole searching Grab a favorite pair of shoes and take a look

  • Is one more worn overall than the other?

  • Does the toe of each shoe show the same amount of wear?

  • Are the heels of each shoe wearing differently?

  • Compare the inside and outside of both shoes, the thickness of the soles and other details to find unbalanced wear.

If the patterns of wear aren’t uniform this indicates uneven muscle and joint stress. It’s important to invest in comfortable, supportive shoes and just as important to recycle them when they are no longer providing adequate support. Invest but don’t over-spend Comfort is a subjective sensation based on individual preferences, and is not related to either the distribution of foot pressure or cost. Research shows the highest priced running shoes provided no more comfort and no better bio-mechanics. In fact, low and medium range priced running shoes in each of the brands tested provided the same (sometimes better) cushioning of plantar pressure as the high-cost running shoes. Cushioning was comparable when walking and running on a treadmill. They must fit Fit not perfect? Close enough? Wait! Fit is really important for the long-term. Just about everyone should consider a shoe insert. When recommended by a health professional, a custom orthotic can also make a world of difference in providing a stable foundation. They look good, but do they feel good? Put new and old shoes through this test:

  • Slowly coming up on your toes, then slowly back down

  • Plant your heels, lift your toes and then spread your toes apart, before lowering back down

  • Roll your feet out, and then in.

  • Finally, press all four ‘corners’ to ground your feet for a strong base to stand strong

In a couple of focused minutes you will find if shoes buckle, cause pain, cramp toes, lack support or stability.

Article from Posture Month

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