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  • Steven Weiniger

Check Your Work Life Habits


A recent study showed that when people sitting at work know their posture is being monitored with a camera, they sit straighter during their day. Especially if you’re one of the millions sitting much of your day, focus on the work your body is doing by pretending you’re on camera, and then sitting tall.

Evaluate and change your work posture


  • Are you comfortable with both feet flat on the floor? This is a better choice than crossing your legs.

  • Try bending one knee, keeping the foot on the floor, while stretching the other leg out. Change sides throughout the day.


  • Do you sit all the way back in your chair? Or perched forward with your feet underneath?

  • Try moving back in the chair taking advantage of the back support to sit taller.

  • Adjust your chair tilt during the day to relieve stiffness.

Torso/Upper Body

  • Are your shoulders square to your keyboard? It’s not good to spend the day in a twist.

  • Can you use your mouse without shifting your upper body? You may need to move it closer.

  • Is your keyboard at the right level? Your shoulders should be relaxed, not hiked up around your ears when typing.


  • Is your head level when you look at your monitor? If you crane your head or hunch over to see, it’s time to stop and adjust your monitor height.

Break it Up!

Take frequent Posture Breaks! People who spend over 12 hours a day sitting are at greater risk for back pain and other illness. Moving frequently helps to alleviate body and mind stress and gets your blood pumping which helps with creativity and productivity.

Article from Posture Month

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