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Posture Break – Breathe Deeply

Strong Posture Breathing

Nowadays many people sit an average of 13 hours a day. Sitting folded in front of a computer or desk reduces your body awareness. Meanwhile, just like clay, over time muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue are molding your body, and folding you into weak posture.

Poor posture isn’t just about neck and back pain. When your chest is folded, the lungs are compressed, restricting your ability to take a deep breath.

Try this Breath Test

  • Sit down and type an email (or text) on your phone

  • While you’re typing, breathe in

  • Take note of how much air you can take in

Breath Test

  • Sit down and scoot your bottom back in the chair

  • Lift your shoulders up, roll them back, and drop them down as you lift your upper body upright

  • Level your head and sit tall

  • Take a deep breath, and again note how much air you take in

You’ll find strengthening posture literally allows you to breathe in more air. More oxygen to the brain helps reduce stress, improve your mental clarity and gives you more energy.

Remember what a difference your posture makes when breathing, not only when sitting, but when standing and moving as well.

Posture Break: Stop to Breathe

Incorporate this essential exercise a few times a day for your health and well being.

  • Stop what you’re doing and assume your best posture

  • Take 5 slow, deep breaths

  • Expand your belly as you slowly breathe in

  • Pull your belly in as you slowly breathe out

Article from Posture Month

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