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  • Yasmin Jeffery

Cheap and sneaky ways to eat more vegetables with the rising cost of living

Fresh vegetables were some of the first food items to be crossed off the weekly shopping list for me when the cost of living started rising.

Nearly $10 for a cauliflower that barely fills me up? No thank you.

And look, existing on a diet that's 99 per cent curry and rice and knockoff mint slices has been delicious.

But I've found myself missing the guaranteed splash of colour vegetables used to add to my dinner plate, as well as the flavours and feelings they give me.

(We're also supposed to eat five serves of vegetables a day. I absolutely haven't been doing this, oops.)

So I asked non-diet nutritionist Nina Kingsford-Smith to share some of her favourite cheap and easy ways to eat vegetables in this increasingly expensive world.

Article from ABC Everyday

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