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Never Stop Exercising

Why should physical activity be a lifelong endeavor? Simple: The health and wellness benefits attributed to consistent exercise are profound, to say the least. But don't think you can stop when you're older; or that starting when you're in your golden years won't do any good. In fact, just the opposite is true, according to research; specifically when it comes to preserving your memory.

In analyzing data from more than 35 studies involving almost 3,000 older adults, researchers found that aerobic exercise helps episodic memory – your ability to remember past events; one of the first aspects of memory to decline with age – when performed three times a week for four months. What's more, greater improvements in memory were seen among study participants ages 55-68 years.

Published in Communications Medicine, the research analysis also found that episodic memory improvements weren't significant in participants ages 69 to 85, hinting that early exercise intervention is better – presumably before cognitive decline has begun.

You can't fight Father Time, but you can do everything possible to enjoy the ride! Keeping your body and brain in tip-top shape is one way to do it, and as this study suggests, the two are intimately connected. Exercise = body health = brain health; it's as simple as that.

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