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Why You're Hurting

If you wake up during the night or the next morning with neck, back and/or other pain, what's the cause? The first potential culprit you should investigate and talk to your doctor about is your pillow ... that fluffy, comforting support that might not be so comforting or supportive after all.

Your pillow can do more damage than good if it's not the right pillow for your anatomy and sleeping position. Most people don't know that, and most pillow manufacturers won't tell you, which is why you see literally hundreds of different pillows on the market. Need a pillow? Try this one! Or that one! Or any number of other ones!

The problem is that until you understand how you sleep and particularly how a pillow should support your neck and back throughout the night, any pillow you choose will likely be the wrong pillow unless you just get "lucky." Fortunately, your chiropractor is the first person you should consult with about your sleep habits and particularly your pillow ... especially if you're experiencing pain you think may be due to a poor pillow choice.

This conversation goes far beyond the pain issue; it's about the sleep issue, too, which is increasingly seen as a contributor to health, for better or worse. Poor sleep habits, such as interrupted, inadequate or restless sleep, can have profound consequences in both the short and long term.

Take the first step toward less pain, better sleep and better overall health. Talk to your doctor about the pillow that's right for you.

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